Russcycling – Russell Pearce Bespoke Carpentry


Project Facts

  • Company: Russell Pearce

Project Detail

Over the years my passion for being creative and individual has developed into a combination of old and new.

I started playing with ideas and making some furniture for myself using old materials such as pallet wood, wood from shipping crates and old floorboards, and combined this with modern fittings such as soft close components for drawers and hinged doors, remote LED lights and high tech sliding door components.

The result is a cross between traditional appearances with modern design features. For example: sliding doors made using reclaimed timber from shipping crates combined with the ultra modern sliding door fittings. The result being a rustic look with an ultra modern feel. The doors run smoothly and even have soft closers! I added my special touch with the light blue, heart shaped glass inserts to give it a very unique, one off look.

Russcycling is my signature name for pieces of furniture I make from old / reclaimed materials. I have developed my very own way of making ‘upcycling’ more unique and individual without compromising modern day technology and methods of working.